(Video) World’s Laziest Corgi Fight Has Us in Stitches

Lazy Corgi Fight

We’ve seen some horrible dog vs dog fights in our time. It starts out innocently then one dog feels his territory has been breached and before you know it teeth are gnashing, drool is everywhere, and you have to hold your usually calm and innocent mutt back for fear he will hurt or get hurt in a terrible altercation!

Not to worry. What we are going to show you on the next page is nothing like that. As a matter of fact, this Corgi fight is the antithesis of what I just described to you! LOL!

Either these two have ben domesticated for so long they forgot the finer points of a dog-fight or they simply are too tired to worry about it. Maybe it was a playdate that sort of petered out?

Whatever the case, you have to go on over to the next page and watch these – ahem – vicious Corgis give their – ahem – all in a fight more hypnotic than Mayweather vs Mcgregor!

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