Smart and Clever Ways to Go Green With Fido

dog holding dog collar

There are a number of ways to help the environment and Fido can help! Simply using a biodegradable poop bag is a step in the right direction. Read more here:

From PetHub:
Use environmentally-friendly household cleaners.
Don't overfeed your pet. No. 1, the production of meat, especially beef, takes a big toll on the environment. No. 2, keeping your four-legged family member lean and fit is also an excellent way to keep her healthy. No. 3, slim pets fed the right diet don't produce as much poop.
Don't buy your pet things he doesn't need and choose products with less packaging.
Shop for your pet at local businesses. Whenever possible, buy food, treats, toys, beds and other supplies at local farmers markets or from a local company.

From the Dogington Post:
Use biodegradable poop bags.
Adopt a homeless pet. Don't support puppy mills or unethical breeders by purchasing a puppy at a pet store or online.
Volunteer at your local shelter or rescue group to help abandoned pets find new homes.
Repurpose items around your house as pet toys (example: stray socks).

Roller blade, bike or walk to the dog park instead of driving.


And if you think these are great you should go over to Healthy Pets and read more!

By using reusable supplies, recycled products, and making your own pet toys you and ever helpful Fido can truly make a difference! Let us know if you have some other doggie related tips and have a great, safe Earth Day!

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