When it’s Time to Pick Up a Dog, Here are 3 Things a Dog Owner Must NEVER Do

woman holding a doxie

One of the many joys of dog ownership is being able to watch them grow and change into strong and energetic pups. When they were little, they'd pounce and jump all over the place as if they were trying to prove they're superdog. It's adorable! And if you sit down on the floor, you're done for. Their little puppy kisses would be all over your face.

As puppies, they were also much easier to pick up. They were small, compact critters who genuinely enjoyed being held closer to your body. However, as our dogs get older, they no longer have the energy to sprint and hop into your awaiting arms.

One of my dogs, whose age is now in the double digits, has to be carried up the stairs. He doesn't seem to enjoy the special treatment either. It's either physically uncomfortable for him or he doesn't like that he no longer has independence. He squirms and breathes heavier than usual.

Regardless of age, we must treat our furbabies with kid gloves. There is a specific way to pick up your dog that makes it safe and comfortable for both parties. If you have kids, it's crucial to teach them the proper way as well.

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