Why Your Friends Don’t Like Your Furry Friend and How You Can Change That

excited dog

Your BFF may love you… but not your dog. What's a person to do?!

If faced with this situation, it's a hard pill to swallow when your friend lets you know that they don't like your dog. They may or may not offer you a reason, but if your pooch sometimes misbehaves you can likely put together the pieces as to why.

Is your pooch barking too much or is he jumping on your friend excessively every time she steps through the door? These might be two reasons why your friend isn't too fond of Fido but just won't voice it. If you think this is the case or your friend fesses up that your misbehaving pooch is why they're not on the best of terms, you can help fix your pooch's ways. With a little bit of training and positive reinforcement, your doggy should become a best friend to your BFF too.

Wann learn more things that your pooch might be doing that is driving your friends mad? Fido can't be perfect, but some things are too much to handle!

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