The 12 Undeniable Signs Of A Crazy Pug Person

three happy pug puppies

Everyone has a passion for something. It could be a favorite television show, a craft, or a sport; everyone has an obsession or two. And if you're reading this, there's a good chance you're obsessed about your Pug. Don't worry, there's no need to be embarrassed. We're all crazy Pug fans here and we'll happily enable your obsession!

Stella the Pug WinksIf you're not sure you're truly a Crazy Pug Person then you'll want to check out the follow symptoms. Don't worry, these are not symptoms that mean you have to go to the doctor, ‘though, you may need to take something if you're this obsessed.

We think a healthy obsession with dogs is pretty normal. Just look at that cute Puggy body, the curly tail, smooshy face, and other adorable features. Why wouldn't that level of cuteness make someone a little crazy?!

Confirm that you really are an obsessed Crazy Pug Person (and proud of it), head to the next page.

There are 12 signs that'll reveal to you whether you're a crazy Pug parent… and we think these signs will tell you you're crazy, but hey, that's okay! LOL!

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