The Awe Inspiring Cues Dogs Pick Up on to Comfort Their Grieving Human

dog kissing owner

Dogs are great at providing comfort when we need it, here are some of the amazing cues they notice!

Our dogs are our best friends for so many reasons. They love to play and snuggle with us. They always greet us when we come home and they always somehow always know when we need their comfort the most. They are simply wonderful.

When we are feeling down or going through some of the most difficult times after losing someone, our dogs are right there for us. They know that we need comfort and they are more than willing to give it.

If you have ever wondered how they know when we need them, it turns out that pick up on some cues from us. In fact, the way they notice these cues and use them to help us through our grief is nothing short of incredible. Once you know more about how they do it, it just might make you love your dog even more!

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