(Video) Pug Has the Ultimate Temper Tantrum. Now Get Ready to Laugh Hysterically When Finding Out Why!


When doggies throw fits, it's always quite the sight to see. They make hilarious sounds and even make the silliest faces! LOL!

What's even funnier is finding out exactly why a doggy is throwing a tantrum. It's almost always for something very trivial! Ha ha!

In this video, one Pug is not happy about her sleeping situation. Something is getting in her way, and she is not afraid to be vocal about it!

When you see the hilarious tantrum that she throws, you'll be cracking up! I bet you've never seen a doggy act like this before! Check this out!

Watch and find out why one moody Pug throws a super funny tantrum on the next page! Wow she knows how to show everyone she's upset, LOL!

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