(Video) Pug is Ecstatic When Mom Talks to Her. Now How She Playfully Responds Back…

cute pug

For many doggies, getting that special one-on-one attention is always the best. Nothing beats getting some extra lovin' from their owners. It truly makes them feel like they are one of a kind, which they are! LOL!

In this video, one Pug is over the moon about how much attention she's getting from her mom. When you see just how she reacts? You won't believe it! It's just too cute!

They way she playfully responds and communicates with her mom is just adorable. There's nothing quite like the bond that this adorable little Puggy and her mommy have. You need to see this!

Watch how one adorable Pug responds to her mother's sweet and encouraging voice on the video on the next page.

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