These 7 Diseases We Can Catch From Fido Are Shocking

sick dog

Because our dogs are of a different species we tend to think if they become ill we will remain unaffected. For the most part, this is true but there are certain diseases a dog can carry that can be transferred to a human being!

We do not hear much about this and we really do not feel it happens often but it can, indeed, happen so a dog owner really needs to be careful or, at least, watch for signs of infection!

If you suspect you have become ill because of your pet you need to go to the doctor immediately then take Fido to the vet! There is no point in taking a cure if your poor pooch can just transfer it back to you again, right?

For health reasons, we ask that you please take time out and check the next age for seven (7) diseases we humans can catch from our doggies.

We both want to be around for a long time so it’s best to take caution!

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