(Video) This Pug Was Lost for 7 Years. When He’s Reunited With His Owners? It’s Impossible to Hold Back Tears!

minnie pug reunion

If you have a pet, the thought of losing her might seem too hard to bear. You want to keep them safe and at home with you at all times.

However, that's not always the case and sometimes pooches run away and get lost.

While they may not mean anything by it, sometimes a dog's curiosity takes the best of them and wandering off from the yard may get them lost forever.

One couple lost their beloved Pug Minnie one day and didn't see her for 7 years. The good news? She was found and reunited with her owners! This remarkable reunion will bring tears to your eyes!

Watch what happens as Minnie the Pug reunites with her family after 7 years after the break. This is such a heartwarming reunion on the video!

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