Dealing with a Hyper Doggy? Try These Calming Techniques

Picture this: a friend of yours is coming over, and when she arrives she rings the doorbell. All of a sudden Fido goes ballistic, and you have no idea what to do. Do you scold your pooch in front of your friend? Do you put him out in the backyard? It's so hard to know what to do to get your pup to calm down!

You're not alone if you've gone through a similar situation. Many pet owners aren't sure how to deal with a loud, barking dog that may also be jumping up on your house guests. It can be downright frustrating to you and your house guest, especially if they're not a dog person.

Luckily some techniques can help you learn what your pup's trigger is and how to get him to settle down when people come inside your home. From exercising him more often to rewarding him for good behavior with his favorite treats, there are ways to get him to be a lot calmer.

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