Think Your Dog’s a Princess? It’s Hard to Believe How Much This Woman Spends on Her Pups!

And you think you're dogs are spoiled…have you ever heard of someone spending money on a diamond necklace for their pooch?! One woman named Ewa purchased a diamond necklace for her doggy Lulu, and the lavishness doesn't stop there. It turns out that Ewa spends nearly one-fourth of her income on her pups, which includes pedicures, massages, and photoshoots.

See, I don't think your pup is as spoiled as Ewa's dogs!

The next time you look at your bills and  notice the doggie items adding up, hopefully it's not as much as this!

If you think that's crazy, keep reading on the next page. You'll be in shock at how much this UK woman spends on her doggies!

Image Source: Flickr / via KaroliK

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