This Dog Was Stolen From His Owner. When He Appears in an Adoption Ad? My Jaw Dropped!

jack dog

This doggy had a wild ride. Find out how Jack got reunited with her owner.

The strange story of how Lou Gotowski was reunited with Jack, his Havanese dog, is a real head scratcher. Security footage showed that a woman picked Jack up and walked into another business nearby.

The next time Gotowski saw his dog was on an adoption website, and he was 40 miles away from home.

There are so many questions left unanswered. But for now, Jack is happy to be home with his rightful owner.

As mysterious as Jack's disappearance was, we sure are glad that he's back at home. How this dog came to be 40 miles away from home and on an adoption site is beyond me. At least Jack is home and happy again!

For more on Jack's story, visit DogTime.

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