Meet Demi Lovato’s New Puppy – The Story Behind Batman Will Touch Your Heart!

Demi and her dog Batman

Demi Lovato just provided an amazing new home to one deserving puppy. And her new furry pal is beyond adorable!

Demi also deserved this pooch as well! There's no doubt in my mind that they make a great pair. Before getting her new pup Batman she lost her pooch Buddy in a tragic accident, and after a time of sadness, Demi decided to adopt a new pooch.

She named her new friend, Batman, and he is as cute as can be! With his fuzzy black hair and sweet looking face, You'll fall in love with him just as Demi has!

I'm sure she's enjoying her new furry friend and is taking a lot of comfort in him since her other pup passed away. Take a look at Batman yourself and you can see the special bond the two already share.

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Via ddlovato / Instagram

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