This Instagram Pug Compilation is Awesome – Just Wait Until You See the Jamming Pug at 4:18!

hyper Instagram pug

Can we all agree that pugs are irresistibly cute?! Yes, these funny-faced pups really know how to make us laugh and squeal with delight!

Most of us follow our favorite pugs all over the internet. They're on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and of course, Instagram!

The video you'll have the pleasure of watching today features the best Instagram pugs around! You won't be able to resist these funny Pugs.

On the next page, I'll introduce you to the most entertaining and famous Instagram pugs that you might have missed and are not currently following!

Try not to fall in love with the pug puppies at 4:30. I also dare you not to laugh at the silly pug featured at 5:53! They're all so cute and fun to watch! Aww!

Watch this amazing Instagram pug compilation video on the next page. After you watch it I guarantee you'll want to take out your cell phone and follow all of these adorable Insta-pugs!

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