Two French Bulldogs Visit the Beach and Their Joy is Contagious! Watch This to See What I Mean!

baby French Bulldog at the beach

YAY! It's beach day for these two lucky French Bulldogs! They're so excited to be outdoors as they enjoy the sun and the waves. You'll love watching them too!

Eric and Patsy are two adorable French Bulldog pups that love spending time together at the local beach. As proof, just watch them run around on the sand. You can't help but laugh with them as they show off their doggy smiles! The weather looks perfect too!

These Frenchies really know how to take advantage of a sunny day as they are enjoying the beach! For the baby French Bulldog it's actually her first time at the beach, and it looks like she passed her first beach “test” with barking colors! 😉

LOL! You'll know what I mean when you watch this video!

See what Eric and Patsy, the Frenchies, are up to at the beach after the break and find out what makes their joy SO contagious! 

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