(Video) After Surviving 10 Days in the Woods Alone, This Dog Was Ecstatic to See Her Family

kali reunion with owner

Thinking that you've lost a precious pet forever can be extremely devastating. Not knowing where they are or if they're even safe can really bring many pet owners down.

When one family decided to go on a vacation with their pooch, the unthinkable happened. When you hear the story of how Kali the dog became lost out in the wilderness, your heart will break.

However, don't worry because this story has a very happy ending! Thankfully after 10 days of being thought dead, this miracle doggie named Kali returned home to her family!

However, you really need to hear about and see her adventure on the video on the next page. It is truly unbelievable!

Learn all about Kali and her triumphant return home after getting lost by watching the video on the next page!

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