(Video) After Surviving 10 Days in the Woods Alone, This Dog Was Ecstatic to See Her Family

kali reunion with owner

This heartwarming tale of a doggy returning home to her family after getting lost will warm your heart. Be prepared to cry tears of joy when you see this video. You won't believe how Kali the dog survived and was able to return to her family after an outdoor adventure.

First, let's learn a little bit about Kali and then watch the video after. What an amazing pooch!

This beautiful girl is Kali and for 10 excruciating days last month, her family was positive she was dead.


via BuzzFeed / David Kareken

They’d gone to check out Rebecca Falls, “a very big powerful rapid.” That’s when Kali slipped, fell, and was carried away by the water.

They returned to North Carolina, their home feeling empty without Kali. But what they didn’t know was that Kali was very much alive.
kali 2

via Buzzfeed / David Kareken

They’d told folks around the park about Kali and one day they got a call: a dog had been found. After sending photos to confirm the match, Kareken hopped in his car for the 22-hour drive back to the park.

Despite surviving 10 days in the wild, Kali was in pretty good shape. A little thinner, a little dirty, but still the sweet girl they thought they’d lost.


via Buzzfeed / David Kareken

“Every once in a while, we wake up in the morning and she hops up and give us a kiss and we think, is this just a dream? And we have to go, this isn’t a dream, this is real.”

AWW! That was truly incredible! Kali really had the will to survive in the wild! We are all so happy that she was able to return home safe and sound! And how about that reunion with her owner! I had a hard time holding back the tears!

Let's hope that Kali had her fair share of adventures for a while! LOL!

For more on Kali's story, visit Buzzfeed.

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