This Owner Captures Special Moments of a Mail Carrier Who Stops By to Pet His Dog Every. Single. Day. Truly Heartwarming!

mailman greeting dog

When the mailman comes around, and a dog is in the yard, it usually spells trouble. Dogs are known to be a bit wary of the mail carrier. They often like to chase them or playfully bark at them. LOL!

However, not all mailmen and doggies are the same! In fact, this amazing mail carrier goes out of his way every single day to say hi to his favorite pooch on his route. It's seriously the sweetest thing! LOL!

The dog's owner captures this moment and shares it with the world. When you see how fantastic of a relationship this postman and doggy have, your heart will melt!

Check out this amazing moment between a mail carrier and a doggy. You're lucky this sweet moment was captured on camera! Check it out after the break.

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