(VIDEO) ‘I Will Survive’ Has Become an Even Bigger Hit… Thanks to This Talented Pug! LOL!

Frank the pug singing

One of the first famous Pugs, Frank from Men In Black, reminds us that he was the original star! With his rendition of ‘I Will Survive,' Frank the Pug makes us laugh during this reenacted hilarious movie scene!

Before Doug the Pug and all the other famous pups, the world had Frank from MIB! LOL! He's back to refresh our memories so we can give him the proper recognition for his Pug fame! LOL!

It may have been a long time ago, but this movie (and, of course, Frank the pug) are still classic and funny! If you remember this scene from the film, I'm sure Frank the Pug will surely appreciate it! Watch Frank the Pug get down and boogie to this disco classic during this iconic moment! He's too funny!

As Frank the Pug entertains us with the song ‘I Will Survive,' watch him belt it out on the next page!

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