(VIDEO) It’s Time for 5 Pugs to Go to Bed. What Happens Right Before Bed Time? Keep an Eye on Their Faces… LOL!

5 pugs wanting a treat

We all have our bedtime rituals to help ease us into sleep mode. Whether it involves a warm glass of milk or maybe even a bedtime story, there's always something that helps us get right to sleep.

One doggy owner has the nightly task of putting all 5 of her Pugs to bed! If that's not difficult enough, these energetic little pups don't have sleep on their minds! LOL!

If you watch closely, you'll be able to see what is driving them so wild. They want something else! LOL! These Pugs are not ready for bedtime without this one thing! You won't believe what it is.

What how these Pugs get ready for bed with one simple trick on the next page. That is, if this trick actually works, LOL!

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