(Video) Kind-Hearted Volunteer Thinks She Saved One Dog, Unknowingly Saves a Lot More

Gemma abandoned dog

There's nothing more heartwarming than a beautiful adoption story, whether it's the adoption of a human or an animal. The ability to watch a life be given another chance at a family is tear-jerking. It gives us a renewed faith in humanity to know there are people out there who are willing to save the lives of those less fortunate.

That was certainly the case for Gemma, a white German Shepard who was surrendered by her owners due to a very treatable health issue. The anger that you feel toward her previous family is instantly washed away due to the selfless individuals who saved her life, got her healthy and gave her a new and loving home.

Continue to the next page to watch Gemma's adoption story and to see how she wasn't the only one who was saved! You'll love the surprise that comes at 1:44!

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