(VIDEO) Watch How a Pug Puppy Has the Most Adorable Play Session Ever With His Ball

Pug playing with ball

Watching puppies play with each other is always cute but what really grabs us is when we see a pup playing with a knick-knack, by himself, and he appears to get such a kick out of the adventure!

In the case of the video on the next page, we have a simply adorable and bright-eyed Pug puppy playing with a ball. He’s determined to get the better of his toy and appears as if he thinks, at any moment, it is going to come alive and turn the tables on him!

Before you do another thing, we strongly encourage you to turn the page and look at this life-affirming video.

This puppy is as much fun to watch as a human child at play! And somehow, we think he knows it!

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