(VIDEO) Dad and Pug are Taking a Nap Together. Now Watch and See What This Pug Does Right by Dad’s Face – LOL!

dad annd pug sleeping

I think we all can agree that there's nothing better to do on a day off than take a nap! It's all the more relaxing when you have your furry companion there by your side (or in this Dad's case right by his head), to snuggle up next to. It's so sweet!

This Dad and Pug love cuddling together on the sofa and seen to have no problem getting some serious zzz's in. But if you thought they were comfy just sleeping normally, you're about to see just how comfortable this Pug is around Dad!

Just wait because you won't believe what this Pug does while he's asleep next to his Dad! This is SO funny!

As you watch the video on the next page, you won't be able to peel your eyes away as you watch this snooze sesh take place. This special moment will make you laugh, and it will also warm your heart. Plus, after you watch this you'll want to take a nap yourself — and grab your fur baby to snuggle with too!

After the break, you'll never guess what happens when this Pug decides to snuggle up next to his Dad on the video. This is a riot! 

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