(VIDEO) Pixel the Frenchie Loves His Stuffed Alligator. Now Watch How He Ferociously Attacks it – Ha ha!

Frenchie and alligator

It's true, some doggies love their toys. Once in a while, a doggy will form a strong attachment to one toy in particular, like this energetic Frenchie in today's video.

Have you ever wondered if a doggy and an alligator could hang out in the same room? It seems pretty far-fetched but not in this video!

You'll meet Pixel the Frenchie and his friend the alligator. When you see these two together you'll be in for a laugh! Pixel loves to wrestle with his alligator and he almost always wins! How can this be possible? Well, what if I told you that his alligator friend is really a stuffed animal? LOL! That paints a better picture now, doesn't it?!

You need to see these two in action. They have so much fun together. Who would have thought that a Frenchie can love his stuffed alligator so much?! LOL!

Watch Pixel fight with his stuffed alligator toy on this fun video on the next page.

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