(VIDEO) Cute Roly Poly Pug Keeps Nodding Off and I Think This is the Cutest Thing I’ve Ever Seen!

sleepy pug puppy

Puppies love napping! Well, I think it's safe to say that we all love to nap! LOL! Nothing beats settling down for some sleep after having a busy day.

This adorable Pug pup feels the same way! However, he just can't seem to reach his bed in time! LOL!

When you see him nodding off in the middle of the living room, it is just the cutest thing you will ever see!

Try not to fall in love with this cute roly-poly Pug; I dare you! However, it's pretty impossible not to fall head over heels for this cute doggy!

This adorable Pug puppy is trying so hard not to fall asleep! Watch him fight the nap away on the next page!

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