(VIDEO) This Frenchie FREAKS OUT Over His Toy and it’s Hysterical!

frenchie fun

When an adorable pooch comes across an awesome toy, feelings are had! To a pup, a toy is extremely valuable, especially if it can withstand their jaws of death! LOL! After all, what else is supposed to help calm a pup down when there's so much energy flowing through those doggy veins?!

Well, in this video, you'll see one adorable pooch that absolutely loves his toy! When he finally gets his paws on it, he freaks out!

You're truly in for a good laugh because this hilarious pooch has the best reaction! Let's hope his owners don't keep him away from his toy for long ever again!

This doggy and toy are a match made in doggy heaven! LOL! You're going to love seeing how much fun he has!

Watch how this adorable Frenchie freaks out when he gets his favorite toy back on this hilarious video on the next page.

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