Adorable Signs That Means a Dog Thinks Her Owner is the Pack Leader

pug dog-looking-up

There are many signs that your dog loves you. That wagging tail is not just an indication of happiness but also a note that he is sure he has pleased you in some way. Why is it so important to him? Yes, because he loves you but, more important, you are his pack leader and pleasing you means he has fulfilled a part of his function!

While a dog likes his off time, to laying around sleeping and not paying attention to the humans in his life, in the end they love interaction. Just note how Rover jumps up the minute he senses you moving or if you grab one of his toys.

Yes, he’s expecting some fun but it’s also that joy of interacting with his pack leader that is bringing him such joy! In other words, it's the knowing that you want to be with and play with him! Wow! What could make for a better afternoon for a pooch?

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