(VIDEO) Pug Says ‘Nope, Nope, Nope’ to an Offered Treat

pug says no to treat

Dogs are curious creatures. Just when we think we have them figured out they do something we simply do not understand.

When a pup is offered a snack – hungry or not – nine out of ten times he will eat it without a second thought. Yet occasionally, for reasons that can't be explained, they will suddenly become stubborn and say no to a treat!

The dog will just stare at you as if telling you “No way, Jose!” Well, we suppose that how a dog would respond if he doesn't want a treat. Doesn't want a treat? Now that doesn't make sense! 😉

“Meet” a Pug after the break who makes it clear, in no uncertain way, that he is indifferent to what he is being offered. Why we wonder? Has he just eaten dinner or was it a bad year for that particular treat?

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