(VIDEO) This Pug Has a Unique Way of Getting Attention. Now Keep Your Eyes on His Paws!

pug crawl

It's always entertaining to see doggies go to great lengths to get attention. They just love getting praised and some pooches will do just about anything to get it! LOL!

Well, this Pug is no different. When you see what he does to get some high praises and affection, your heart will melt! He has one very adorable trick up his sleeve and he is definitely not afraid to use it! LOL!

Just make sure you pay attention to his paws. This Pug really knows how to turn up the charm! You're going to have a hard time trying not to fall in love with this seriously adorable and talented pup! LOL!

Watch this adorable pooch show off his cute trick to get attention on the video on the next page!

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