(Video) Watch How This Cute Pug Responds to His Boots – Too Funny!

ozzie pug and shoes


Summer is rapidly coming our way and with it comes blistering temperatures. We can always cool off wearing tank tops and sandals, maybe taking a walk to the local swimming pool, and slurping on ice cream and popsicles! Sounds lovely, right?

Now think of your poor doggy. Not only does he have the discomfort of wearing a year-round heavy fur cloak, which is actually pretty awesome in the winter, but when outside he does not have shoes to wear to protect the bottom of his paws!

Initially, that may seem odd because a pup has protective pads on his four paws but think about it. When the pavement temperature reaches well into the hundreds can we honestly say Rover is safe from a nasty burn?

Time and time again we’ve seen evidence that a dog’s paws can become severely burned without protection and on the next page we have the perfect preventative for that event.

Watch comical Ozzy as he tries something new, doggy boots, and tries very hard to get used to them!

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