(Video) Pug Imitates the Sound of a Blender and We Can’t Stop Cracking Up

pug near blender

When we human beings work in our kitchens, operating appliances we’ve used day in and day out, it never occurs to us that little ones might be watching and are being impressed by what they see. Certainly, that can be said for children but who would have thought our dogs also found themselves fascinated by the utilization of a microwave oven, refrigerator, and blender!?

Obviously, what we take for granted our pets find an immense amount of captivation in watching and hearing!

As the video over on the next page proves, a doggy certainly can be impressed and influenced by what we think of as a simple household item!

Watch as this innocent pooch, thirsting for knowledge, comes to understand how a blender works and decides to imitate it!

While it is hilarious his actions also show that our pets are watching. They see and hear everything!

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