(Video) When Asked About National Dog Day, This Doggie Clearly isn’t Impressed. In Fact, Watch How He Could Care Less! LOL!

national dog day

Hmm. Maybe he’s excited on the inside.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what will thrill a dog. Surprisingly, not all pooches are extroverts, jumping up and down at the thrill of a new toy or treat. Samson, a gorgeous and bright Newfoundland, is in this category.

Last week we celebrated National Dog Day and the Internet went wild with pictures of dogs far and wide, celebrating our best friends in any manner of partying, dinner or playtime! This was a time for Samson to shine but – from the expression on his face – he’s asking why?

Samson, at nine months, should have been thrilled to celebrate his very first National Dog Day – but he either does not understand or simply does not care. Sad but, on the other hand, as a Newfoundland and representative of his breed, maybe he feels a need for control; conducting himself with decorum.

Check out this doggie and a sweet little girl as he gets his just reward over on the next page!

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