(VIDEO) You’re Pooch is Choking. Here’s What You Should Do to Save His Life…

Vet and Dog

It is something we do not like to think about but, more times than not, it is an emergency that has to be discussed. What if one day you and the dog are out, having a great time, and you suddenly realize he is choking.

It can be anything from a large stone to a small ball having been caught in the poor pup’s throat.

If you or no one else knows what to do you furry family member will not just suffer, his airway blocked off, but could die by gagging. It's not something we want to think about, but it could happen.

Knowledge is power and if you can learn to dislodge that object you would do so without hesitation, right? Don’t say you can’t yet.

After the break, we have a professional and his faithful pooch, Jessie, on video telling one and all how you can save your dog from a choking hazard.

Go over, watch and listen, and you just might be ready if the unthinkable ever presents itself!

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