(Video) Corgi Puppy Has a Hard Time Dealing With a Mini Pumpkin

Corgi and pumpkin

Sometimes it's hard to deal with things. If you're having a hard time and something comes up that you're not too happy about (such as getting a speeding ticket), you just don't want to deal with it. Who would want to?

In the same way, doggies don't like dealing with certain things either. You know that dog who is peeing on their lawn? There's no way he's going to deal with that! So he barks at him non-stop. And that toy he can't reach in the house? He barks at mom to tell her that he wants it back! LOL!

Well, on the next page you'll “meet” a Corgi puppy who is having a ruff day and he just doesn't want to deal. However, what he is having a hard time dealing with is pretty hilarious. It turns out he can't deal with a mini pumpkin! That's right, a pumpkin!

Wait until you see how he responds when he encounters a mini pumpkin in the kitchen. This is a hilarious moment you can't miss on the video after the break!

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