(Video) This Husky and Chick Cuddle Together and Witnessing it Will Tug on Anyone’s Heartstrings

Husky and Chick

Talk about your “odd couple!!”

Last year, Gohan the adult Husky met a cuter than cute baby chick, and they have been inseparable ever since! They often cuddle while napping and appear the best of friends!

The tiny chick was found in the middle of a street with no mother to be seen! He was all alone so Gohan’s owner decided he might make a great addition to their family. Or, they might hang onto the little fella until a bird shelter could be notified.

There has not been an update so as far as we know they are still together!

After the break, if you want a daily dose of cuteness, go over to the next page and watch these two “besties” hang out and have a dog-gone good rest!

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