What are Some of the Best Dog Breeds for Senior Citizens? Find Out Here!

elderly man with dog

As you get older, a lot of things change. You may be living alone if you've lost a spouse you may have someone who is caring for you depending on your needs. You may also find yourself feeling lonely, which is entirely normal. Living near your family is one option, but if you're already setting in an area where your friends are, it's challenging to make the move. Another option to consider for companionship is adopting a dog.

Dogs can provide the comfort and stability you may be craving. If you're thinking that adopting a pooch will take a lot of work you're right, but depending on the breed you settle on he or she may be as much work as you thought. Get in a schedule of caring for your new furry friend and you'll see the positives of owning a doggy outweigh the negatives.

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