You’ll Never Guess What Happens When This Angry Yet Adorable Yorkie Doesn’t Want to be Bothered!

angry yorkie

You know how it is when you get going on something you love. Whether you're deep in concentration over putting together a puzzle or reading an excellent book, sometimes you just don't want to be bothered. You'd much rather enjoy your hobby all by yourself without interruption!

When Peanut, a cute yorkie dog is playing with his ball, it's clear he wants to be left alone. However, his parents have something else in mind and playfully try to take away his toy. Peanut isn't going to have it, however! He shows them by getting angry! For a little thing, you wouldn't expect such a reaction, but Peanut is determined to show them who's boss.

Watch this angry little yorkie let his parents know that he wants to be left alone or else after the break. LOL!

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