Why a Dog’s Feet May be Smelling Like Fritos

dog paws

The quintessential smell that we tend to associate with our furbabies is the “wet dog” scent. It's a smell that any dog owner instantly recognizes. Our dogs were either splashing around in the yard after a rain or maybe they just had the pleasure of being bathed.

It turns out that another typical dog smell is that of a certain crunchy, salty snack: Fritos. You may not realize it on a day to day basis, but after mentioning it, the smell might ring a sensory bell for you. You might even be reaching for your dog's paw at this very moment, only to conclude that his paws do, in fact, smell like Fritos.

While the scent might be comical and even comforting, we must remember that it could also be a warning sign. Luckily, there are ways to minimize the chances that your dog experiences any health issues from it.

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