(Video) This Pile of Pugs Are Living the Good Life – And We’re Super Jealous!

pile of pugs

Remember when you were a child, early on during kindergarten or first grade? In the middle of the day we were all told to bring our mats over to the play area and lay them down. Then we were advised to recline on them and take a nap. We are not quite sure that always worked but, for teacher, is was a good time. At least her students were all quiet and she could get some much-needed grading done!

We think the same principle is used in the video over on the next page.

Watch what we believe are very sleepy yet contented pugs all napping. It is so adorable. Yet, the true pleasure comes in the thought of their pet parents, also napping, knowing their pups are – at least for the next forty-five minutes – quiet and staying out of trouble! Even if they are not all sleeping they are peaceful!

And they are so cute!

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