You’ll Melt Over These Festive Holiday Outfits Pugs Wore at the ‘Pugfest’ Convention

With the holidays just around the corner, it's clear to see everyone has gotten into the Christmas spirit. From the brightly lit houses, the Christmas music blaring on the radio and the the loads of ugly Christmas sweaters everyone is wearing, it's obvious that the most wonderful time of the year has arrived.

These pugs helped spread that holiday cheer at the ‘Pugfest' convention! They wore a variety of festive holiday outfits and by doing so put everyone in the holiday mood!

Just take a look at these adorable pugs in their fancy outfits! Doesn't it get you into the perfect Christmas mood? You'll find it hard to resist these furry pugs strike a pose for the camera in their outfits!

Try and find your favorite holiday pug on the next page. I bet you won't be able to choose!

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