7 Dog Breeds That Are More Likely to be Stolen – Wow, This is Unbelievable!

German Shepherd puppy

We have the fortune of owning an undesirable dog. Sounds odd and a little mean, we know, but when you have an eleven-year-old Chihuahua mix there are not a lot of dog robbers that want to go after that pet. Besides, Max is so ornery we doubt he’d allow a stranger to touch him anyway.

However, if you have an even tempered pure breed dog – yes, even a Chihuahua – you might want to watch your precious little fur baby, big or small. There are, indeed, those who might not just take him away but will sell your adoring family member to strangers!

If you are wondering if your pooch is in peril then please go over to the next page and check out the seven (7) dog breeds that are in danger of being stolen.

It really is alarming and unbelievable!

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