10 Doggy Memes That Are Sooo Funny. It’s Impossible Not to Bust Out Laughing!

funny pug meme

The world of memes is not exclusive to Grumpy Cat and Bad Luck Brian. Our dogs are getting in on the fun and they've captivated humans. What started as an innocent few minutes on Pinterest spirals into an entire afternoon scrolling through the dog meme feed. But it's good for your soul, right?

We do our best to try to understand our furbabies, but sometimes we just can't pinpoint certain behaviors. On top of that, their facial expressions are prime candidates for hilarious jokes. Enter memes!

These memes allow us to share our dogs' funny habits in hopes to try to understand them better. It's a relatable and comical way for humans to bond over the quirks our dogs have. While they can't talk to us, we have a lot of fun trying to guess what they'd say.

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