(VIDEO) When a Pug Gives Another Pug a Bath, You’ll Never Guess How the Pug Being Bathed Reacts…

pug bath

Rub a dub dub, two Pugs in a tub. LOL! Just kidding, these two pups don't need a tub for this kind of bath!

Can you imagine one Pug giving another one a bath? It's a funny thing to picture, right?! LOL! However, that is exactly what these two delightful pooches are doing today.

One Pug just can't help herself and decides that it's time to give her furry pal an extra cleaning. How does the doggy getting a cleaning react?! It's too hilarious! I'm still laughing!

Watch these two in the cutest bath time moment ever! It makes you wish this Pug could be around to give your own doggy a bath next time! LOL!

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