Beware: These Plants Can Cause Dog Liver Failure Within Hours

oleander plant

It is that time of year, when the grass is green from all the April rain, and the blooms are on all the trees, bushes and various plants! Unfortunately, this also means the plants that are not pet friendly are in bloom as well – and this can be so dangerous for your doggie!

We have had a lot of dogs in our family and always worried about them near Oleander trees, which is not good at all for pets. As a matter of fact, it isn’t that great for humans either but the blooms are beautiful! We did a yearly “tear down” of our Oleander bushes and if they weren’t so perfect as a wind block and for privacy we would have got rid of them out altogether. It was a sacrifice but, we can happily say, our dogs never became ill from them.

We taught them well!

We are going to start you off with five (5) plants, indoor and outdoor, that you will not want your dog anywhere near. Again, these plants can cause liver failure within hours! Go to the next page check them out!

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