This Adorable Pug Puppy Will Make You Dizzy (and Giddy) With Happiness!

happy pug puppy

Oh my! It's puppy fever time and it's contagious! LOL!

This adorable pug puppy on the video on the next page will absolutely win you over with his spunky charm!

If you're in dire need of a smile today, look no further because this baby pug is coming to the rescue. It's impossible to have a bad day after watching this video! LOL! I'm serious though!

Just watch this energetic pug go around and around – it's like he's trying to chase you! But even though he's fast, can he be fast enough to catch up? As he runs super fast, will he trip over his short legs? You'll just have to watch and find out for yourself! All I can say is — you'll have a blast looking at him go, go, go!

Get ready to enjoy some fast and adorable pug puppy moments! Watch the video after the break and be charmed by this sweet pup!

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