Expecting Friends and Acquaintances? How to Teach Your Dog to Politely Meet New People

First thing is first. Your pooch will need to learn how to behave with you and the family so that you can be sure he will respect and act well-behaved around company.

When you come home from work or the store you will need to teach your pup to sit and stay. It will take a little patience from both of you, but this is a critical behavior to teach and should be practiced every day.

One suggestion is to place a small mat near the front door and teach him to stay there, and he will soon learn this is where he needs to be when you and family come to the door.

It’s a good idea also to teach your dog to come into the house politely. If you have a yard dog, perhaps a mat near the back door can be implemented for this as well.

A small treat can be given as a reward initially until your pooch starts to go to the mat simply on instinct!

After the break, you can learn how to go exactly about helping your dog greet visitors politely!

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