Is Your Pooch Eating His Poop?! Learn How to Stop This Nasty Habit!

dog going poop

There are some gross habits that dogs can develop, from drinking toilet water to going after your shoes and gnawing on them when you're not watching. It can be downright frustrating, especially if you're trying to break your pooch of the habit!

Another disgusting habit that some dogs can develop is eating their poop. Usually, this happens when dogs are younger, but this is not always the case. Adult dogs can do this as well. If your pooch has or is currently experiencing this bad habit, there are ways to try and break him of it.

The first obvious way is to pick up it up right after he goes, but if you go to work during the day, and your pooch eliminates on fake grass or a potty pad in your home, then it will be hard to monitor your pooch's poop habits. Luckily there are other ways you can train to leave their poop alone by using the phrase “leave it” or something similar that works well for your doggy.

Check out some fantastic tips on how to stop this gross habit of Fido eating his poop once and for all after the break.

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