Crate Training Tips That’ll Help Fido Get Used to His Safe Place

pugs in their crate

Just like you go to your nice warm bed to relax and sometimes even read a book or watch a movie, dogs like having a retreat. For most dogs this means their crate, but not every dog will take to crate training. For the most part, Fido will learn to associate his crate with his second home, and it's your job to make him feel safe while crate training him.

Keep in mind that while you're crate training your pooch that mistakes will happen. Initially, a crate is a great way to teach a puppy to hold his bladder because naturally dogs don't like to eliminate where they sleep.

Over time after your doggy is potty trained the crate will serve another purpose: your pooch's retreat and place to sleep and rest.

Since dogs are natural cave dwellers, they love having a place that's dark, comfy, and relaxing. So think of crate training your pooch a way to provide them with a comfy dwelling place they'll eventually adore.

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