Pug vs Dad Kisses – Watch and See Who Wins!

dad and pug

You'd think that an adorable Pug would love nothing more than to give kisses or receive some sweet kisses, right?

Not for this picky Pug! He thinks they're yucky! Haha!

His daddy is trying so hard to give him a big kiss, but this Pug just won't let him! It's hilarious!

It looks like he'd rather have some treats or get some dinner rather than a loving kiss from his dad. I wonder why this Pug hates kisses. Maybe it's because he knows that a dog's mouth is the cleanest around. LOL!

He's a very health-conscious pooch! This video will really make you laugh at this silly kiss-hating Pug.

Watch when happens after a sweet dad tries to give his furry pal a kiss after the break. Will the pug FINALLY cave in?!

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